About Us

Eisen Fox is an investment bank devoted exclusively to providing expert M&A advisory services to privately held and publicly traded companies. Our clients are typically selling their business, or a division of their business, with $10 to $100 million in revenue across a variety of industries.

Our long-standing relationships with strategic buyers, private equity groups, public companies, privately held businesses, and financing sources, enable Eisen Fox to identify the most likely and best-suited parties for each transaction. The firm's principals leverage these relationships and their extensive M&A expertise to maximize value and accomplish our clients' strategic goals. 

OUR CLIENTS include:

Privately Held Companies: Family owned and closely-held small businesses often value much more than just their bottom line. At Eisen Fox, we understand the unique demands of business owners, and the value they place on legacy and the continuation and their business, as well as taking care of their employees and fellow stakeholders. As such, our focus is to achieve deal terms and structure that meet the owner's goals while satisfying the interests of all stakeholders.

Public Corporations: Whether your company is looking to divest a business unit, or to acquire another company, our M&A experience will help you achieve your goals with minimal distraction for your management team. We work with large corporations to value and divest business segments, and also help companies identify acquisition targets that meet their criteria. .

Private Equity Groups: Eisen Fox has developed strong and meaningful relationships over the years with hundreds of Private Equity Groups across the U.S. We work with Private Equity  groups on both a buy and sell-side basis.