MAximizing Value for sellers

Whether an entrepreneur is seeking to monetize their life's work, or a corporation is looking to re-focus its operations, the experienced professionals at Eisen Fox help clients sell their business or division in a confidential, organized, and efficient process. Our managed sale process leverages relationships with strategic and financial buyers around the world, and our targeted approach maximizes value for the seller. Not only do we focus on maximizing purchase price, we also consider transaction structure and other non-monetary issues when negotiating a transaction. A business sale may include "earn-outs" and other terms that require careful consideration and negotiation, as they may have a significant impact on the total net proceeds received for a business. 

We are experts at running a competitive sale process, generating multiple bidders, maximizing value, optimizing transaction terms and deal structure, and minimizing closing risk.

In nearly all instances, the additional enterprise value and enhanced transaction terms driven through an investment banker-led process will more than offset the advisory fees paid for a successful transaction.

If you have been approached by a potential buyer, we can also help navigate a negotiated direct a sale process, providing selective services as necessary.

Value-Added Services we provide to sellers

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  • Analyzing the company's business, market, and financial performance to understand the key highlights and growth opportunities, and what will be attractive to a buyer, as well as any challenges that could hamper the company and sale process
  • Providing guidance on valuation and potential deal terms to ensure timing is right to achieve your goals
  • Conducting extensive background analysis of potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Preparing compelling materials including a blind executive summary, a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), and management presentations to share with screened prospective buyers who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Adjusting financial statements to accurately present cash flows to a buyer
  • Initiating contact with approved prospects and facilitating the confidential exchange of information
  • Ascertaining the level of interest and prioritizing each of the prospective buyers
  • Coordinating discussions/visits between the company and prospective buyers, presenting sensitive information while sharing what is necessary to keep the process moving
  • Preparing the management team for meetings with potential buyers, and developing a communication plan for stakeholders
  • Creating a competitive process, allowing for selection of the best possible buyer 
  • Gathering, analyzing and vetting indications of interest from multiple bidders
  • Negotiating and structuring the transaction to meet your goals
  • Assisting in obtaining appropriate financing, including: senior debt, mezzanine, or other
  • Coordinating the due diligence process, electronic data room, and serving as a liaison to legal and accounting advisers
  • Managing the process actively through closing of the transaction