Targeted Acquisition Searches
Our Clients

Private or public companies looking to expand existing products/services, or gain access to new products/services or geographic regions may utilize our services to identify and complete a complimentary acquisition. 

Foreign corporations seeking to gain or grow access to the U.S. market may engage us to assist in the purchase of a platform business located anywhere in the U.S. 

Private equity firms interested in growing their platform portfolio companies with strategic acquisitions in order to enhance the value of their investments may retain us to conduct a targeted acquisition search for a complementary business.

Private/Family funds seeking to deploy capital in a growth business in order to diversify their investments may employ us to target and purchase a company within a specific industry or geography. 

Maximizing Value for Buyers

Eisen Fox has the proprietary tools and expertise to assist a diverse range of clients in buying a business that provides significant value to the acquiring company or fund. We utilize our proprietary and national databases, and extensive relationships with businesses and advisors located in Southeastern Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest, to help us research and identify targets for our clients. Once a target has been identified and a transaction has been initiated, the experienced professionals at Eisen Fox will work to ensure a successful closing by managing expectations regarding valuation, employee issues or other seller concerns, as well as provide guidance in the negotiation and structuring of the deal terms. 

Services we provide to buyers include:
  • Developing and/or refining acquisition criteria and focus
  • Determining acquisition parameters
  • Identifying a large pool of potential targets that meet initial criteria
  • Evaluating, prioritizing and screening targets prior to contact
  • Initiating contact with targets to determine level of interest
  • Coordinating discussions and visits with the buyer and selected prospective sellers
  • Guiding targets with respect to valuation, employee and other key issues
  • Structuring and negotiating the transaction
  • Assisting in obtaining appropriate financing, including: senior debt, mezzanine, or other
  • Coordinating due diligence and serving as a liaison to legal counsel and accountants
  • Managing the process through the closing of the transaction

Negotiated Transactions

For buyers that have already identified and initiated discussions with a target business, retaining our experienced professionals will ensure that the buyer achieves a favorable purchase price with reasonable terms. Deal structure, including any "earn out" payments, can have a meaningful impact on the total compensation paid to acquire a business. Eisen Fox can provide a full range of M&A services, including: coordinating the sale process, due diligence, valuation, deal structure, and assisting with obtaining financing.

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